Adventure Hunters

written and to be directed by Krzysztof Komander

adventure / coming of age Poland / Italy

produced by MD4 / dispàrte

Hubert and Karol are two inseparable 12 yo friends who share the same passion for history and adventure. Karol’s family unexpected departure to Italy, though, throws Hubert in despair and the concern to lose his best friend forever will push Hubert to face his deepest fears.

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Finding the Royal Chest, a treasure hidden by the Nazis in the mountains, seems the only solution to save their friendship and solve the economic problems of Karol's family. Helped by a new friend, Elza, the three guys will face up to an adventurous travel through forests, rivers and caves chased by Anzelm, a mysterious man determined to steal the treasure.

Will the three buddies put their hands on the precious Royal Chest first?

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