written and directed by Lorenzo Landi e Michelangelo Mellony

drama Italy / Argentina / Spain, 2019

lenght 12′

cast Joe Bentley / Liva Berzi / Rob McLoughlin

produced by La Parda / dispàrte

in collaboration with Rai Cinema

distributed by Zen Movie

Thomas is a sound hunter, a job that forces him to live in the constant search for new sounds. After his best friend betrays him disappearing with Violet, Thomas not only loses his muse but a part of himself, too: the hearing from his left ear.

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From that moment, he starts being surrounded by distorted sounds, mutilated by a whistle that pushes him to the breaking point. The consequences on his daily life, his work and his relationships are beyond traumatic.

Thomas soon becomes an outsider in that new, smoky world where it is easy to get lost, haunted by memories and isolated in his pain, both physical and emotional.


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