safari njema

directed by Guido Massimo Calanca e Daniele Vicari

written by Guido Massimo Calanca, Sarita Fratini e Daniele Vicari

drama Italy, 2021

length 17′

produced by dispàrte / Speha Fresia Società Cooperativa (for the projects Carry On and Crossing) / Folias Cooperativa Sociale (for the project DestinAzioni) / ENAIP Impresa Sociale S.r.l (for the project Aurora)


Uriel at the age of 14 flees his country in war. He makes a long journey to cross Africa and the desert but in Libya he is interned for three years in a terrible detention center for migrants. He gets to know hunger, disease, the most extreme violence and, even there, war. He survives all this by dreaming of freedom, until one day, with some of his fellow prisoners, he manages to get on a boat and leave for Italy. As soon as he lands on the Sicilian coast, he is sent to a Center for Asylum Seekers, the second largest in Italy, which houses 500 people, but even this will not be an easy experience.

A story that lives again thanks to the images made by dozens of migrants and collected by Italian journalists and activists.


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