directed by Pavel G. Vesnakov
written by Pavel G. Vesnakov / Simeon Ventsislavov / Teodora Markova / Nevena Kertova / Georgi Ivanov
drama Bulgaria / Italy, 2024
cast Ognyan Pavlov – FYRE / Veselin Petrov / Nadya Derderyan/ Mihail Mutafo
produced by Red Carpet / dispàrte
lenght 93′
sales agent Alpha Violet

Koko returns to Bulgaria for a few days to sell the empty family apartment after living in Spain with his mother for the last 10 years. There is a big investment project going on related to the construction of a casino, hotel and golf course in the desolated town of Koko’s childhood. Many of the old buildings must be demolished, while the cemetery gets moved to a different location to free up space for the golf course. Although Koko and his deceased father never managed to get along and lost touch a long time ago, the young boy must arrange the transfer of his father’s remains.

The process starts as a mundane task, but soon transcends into a journey of self-discovery that tracks the connection between childhood trauma, memory and the passage of time.

Karlovy Vary FF Proxima Competition
Bulgarian Film CenterMiCEurimages