hello cruel world

written by Niccolò Falsetti, Francesco Turbanti, Giovanna Vicari and Tommaso Renzoni
to be directed by Niccolò Falsetti
coming of age   Italy
produced by  dispàrte Mompracem / Fandango

Albinia, late 90s. Giovanna, 13 years old, cannot understand how Mirko, her best friend since forever, could disappear into thin air after telling her that he had to confide in her something very important. Yet this is precisely how the unexpected adventure begins involving Giovanna and the Pinetina Gang - a group of bullies led by the fearsome Ludovica known as “il Maglio” - in the boy’s footsteps. The truth, however, is more bitter than expected: Mirko committed suicide and Giovanna must accept it, just as she must accept the hypocrisy of the adult world. At the end of this story, she will lose her innocence, but she will manage to make new friends.