Il Cileno

written by Simona Nobile and Sergio Castro San Martín
to be directed by Sergio Castro San Martín
drama • Italy / Switzerland /Chile
produced by dispàrte / Cinédokké /Equeco

Turin, 1976. Aldo Marín and his fellow companion El Chapa have just arrived in a new country which, for its social-political tension and daily acts of violence, surprisingly resembles the one they left behind: Chile.
While El Chapa enjoys living hand-to-mouth, Aldo soon finds a job at a local factory to save money to bring his wife and son to Italy. Soon enough, though, the past comes knocking at his door. Enrico, leader of the left-wing group Azione Rivoluzionaria, learns Aldo's skills as a bomber and approaches him, asking him to join their cause. After some uncertainty, Aldo starts putting his knowledge in the hands of AR, falling in love with Enrico's sister, Silvana, a university professor who performs abortions illegally and fights for their legalisation. When Aldo gets informed that Pinochet's Secret Police have murdered his wife, he decides to escape to France with Silvana. What he doesn't know, though, is that fate has other plans for him.

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