I Was A Dreamer

directed by Michele Vannucci

writtend by Michele Vannucci / Anita Otto

drama Italy, 2016

produced by Kino Produzioni

in collaboration with Laser Film / Upupa / dispàrte

sales agent True Colors

At 39, Mirko just got out of jail: outside, in Rome suburbs, a "brand new future" is waiting for him, possibly on a respectable path. When he is succesfully elected president of the local Homeowners Association, he starts dreaming about a different existence.

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Not only for himself and his family, but also for the neighbourhood in which he lives. Unfortunately Mirko's biggest dream is difficult to put into practice, especially if his father is a well-known small criminal. Besides that, he has to get back in touch with his daughters as well, and in this foggy and unexplored territory past always represents the easiest way.
This film is about an "outlaw" who becomes the holder of an alien happiness, without knowing how to achieve it.
It is the story of a fragile and irrational dream that could give a future to someone who thought not to deserve neither a present.


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Nominated as Best Emerging Director – David di Donatello
Biennale di Venezia – ORIZZONTIMilano Film Festival 2016CPH:DOX 2016Alice nella CittàRiviera Film Festival 2017SudEstivalFestival del Cinela Europeo di LecceEst Film FestivalMaremetraggioGallio Film FestivalBAFICI – Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente