Our Last

written and directed by Ludovico Di Martino

dramedy / road movie Italy, 2016 

produced by Collettivo Blue&Berry

coproduced by dispàrte

distributed by Pablo Distribuzione Indipendente

sales agent Flexy Movies

The incredible journey of two brothers and a coffin, rediscovering their pending relationship.

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Our last is the story of two brothers, Fabrizio and Guglielmo, and their lives full of distractions. Their mother, ill for some time, continuously request to be brought to the sea one last time and enjoy a holiday with two of them and Pierfrancesco, their father.

One day, after rubbing in each other faces - for the umpteenth time - the responsibility for responding to the request of the mother, she dies unexpectedly. Fabrizio, drowned in guilt, finds himself alone with Guglielmo, and makes a decision to which his brother can only say yes: to take their mother to the sea, in Sicily, for the last time together. And so they do. The two depart in this crazy journey with the coffin of their mother tied to the roof rack of an old compact car, going South. Between old and new encounters, they discover the root of their relationship and, through the acceptance of the death of their mother, manage to live the trip as a real last family vacation. Only then their mother's death will prove the only and last chance to restore their relationship and their lives.


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Miff 2016MINDIEEst Film FestivalGallio Film FestivalRiviera Film Festival 2017Festival del Cinela Europeo di LecceMIIFF – Audience Award & Special Jury AwardFerrara Film Festival – Best Feature Film