Prime Donne

a web series writted and created by Liliana Fiorelli

directed by Giacomo Spaconi  

comedy  Italy, 2017 

produced by dispàrte 

distributed by Premiere Film

powered by Infinity / Eppela

One woman. Then another one. Still one woman and another one again. All of them struggling with a first date.

Prime Donne blossomed from an idea of Liliana Fiorelli, willing to give birth to a new female comedy, modern and free of stereotypes.
Each episode has its protagonist (and its actress performing it), together with her own enchanting obsessions.
Each date represents the perfect stage onto exhibit themselves, a testbed soaked with anxieties and frustrations, as well as the attempt of showing their best part, fighting through the looking for perfection and the sensational slips spread on their path.


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